Registration Fees & Payment Information



For every 10 participation (from the same group/institution), the 11th participation will be given registration fee waiver

Accompanied person:

48 USD + 17 USD

(inclusive of 3 morning tea break, 3 buffet lunch and 2 evening tea break) + (Gala Dinner)

*The coupons for the meals will be issued on-site

Step by step for registration and payment process using EDAS

1) Login into EDAS system using your EDAS account

2) Go to your paper as shown in the following screenshot: Find Paper ID, e.g. here #1570484974 and make the payment by click Register

3) After choosing Register, the following page will appear. Please choose the cart that is most suitable to your condition.

4) After clicking the cart, the following section will appear at the bottom of the page. Please select one of the payment method highlighted in the red box to make the payment.

5) Make sure to check your “Available for” status before payment.

6) After the payment is made, automatically, payment receipt will be generated. Please keep and use this receipt to proceed with confirmation. This receipt is valid without signature.

7) Please send payment confirmation receipt to with the following notices:

A) Subject: payment receipt_paper code_full name of presenter (e.g. payment receipt_12345678_Haswin)
B) Attachment 1: payment receipt with format: papercode_full name of person who will be the presenter.
(e.g. 12345678_Haswin)
C) Attachment 2: student proof/student card if registered as student.
D) Please state your IBA number if you are registered as an International Bioprocessing Association (IBA) member.

Click on the icon below to make the payment through EDAS system