Technical Writing Workshop

Scientific Writing Workshop

Dr. Eldon R. Rene

A one-day interactive scientific writing and skill development workshop will be facilitated by Dr. Eldon R. Rene (IHE-Delft, The Netherlands) during the event. All aspects of writing and publishing scientific articles in quartile score 1 (Q1)/science citation index (SCI) journals will be covered during this workshop, including a critical analysis of the reasons behind an article’s acceptance as well as its early rejection.

*Only limited seats would be available which would be offered on first come-first served basis. The workshop is open to anyone and would require separate registration.

Details of the scientific writing workshop at the 8th International Conference on Bioprocessing (IBAIFIbiop2019)

Date         : 1st May 2019 (1st day of the conference)
Time        : 10:00 am – 04:00 pm
enue      : TBC

Workshop content:

a) Self introduction by the facilitator and the participants

b) Critical poster presentation exercise using antique coins

c) Data analysis and interpretation of the results

d) Organizing and composing a scientific paper: title, abstract, research highlights, graphical abstract, keywords, introduction, materials and methods, results, discussions, conclusions, acknowledgements, references, figures, tables, cover letter, novelty statement, supplementary information, conflict of interest statement, etc.

e) Critically provide technical, scientific and non-scientific comments on draft research articles written by the participants attending the workshop

f) Facilitate adequate oral discussion(s) with other researchers in the form of several writing or correction exercises

g) Learn the publication process from a journal editor’s perspective and understand why some papers are rejected after/before review

h) Manuscript reading exercise and poster presentation by the participants in groups

i) KAHOOT based interactive, funny quizzes

j) Certificates for all the participants + a surprise gift for the most active group

Kind note:
Authors who have prepared their draft manuscript(s) are encouraged to bring their articles (in Times new roman font, A4 size paper, double line spacing, 12 font size), to this workshop for facilitating peer-review among the participants.